HRplus Time Management


HRplus Time Management

Organization and employee information:

  • To monitor & analyst employee attendance information
  • To manage multiple work shifts either fixed or variable more efficiency

Time Management Processing and calculation

  • To reduce human error in Time Management processing & computing
  • Supervisors are authorized for approval to overtime, lateness and allowances.
  • Provide audit trail for to monitor attendance for lateness, overtime and al

Management Reports

  • Complete employee job history.
  • Leave/Loan management

Management Reports

  • Monthly/Daily Attendance, Shift Attendance & Analysis, Overtime/Miscellaneous Attendance & Analysis, Abnormal Attendance, Unauthorized Entry, Absenteeism/Miscellaneous Frequency, Employee Time Sheet & etc

E-Leave Features:

  • Employee to apply leave online.
  • Allow employee to view/check the leave status.
  • Multiple workflow for approval/rejection application.
  • HR department to monitor overall leave application.
  • Integrate with HRplus TMS & Payroll for leave deduction & attendance record.

E-Overtime Features:

  • Employee to apply/request for Overtime.
  • Allow supervisor to apply/request for their subordinate.
  • Multiple level workflow for approval /rejection application.
  • Integrate with HRplus TMS & Payroll for OT & payment calculation.

E-Roster Features:

  • Employee to manage own working roster.
  • Import Monthly Employee Duty Roaster in Excel Format.
  • Supervisor/Employee can apply to change shift.
  • Supervisor can plan working roster for subordinates.
  • Integrate with HRplus Time Management for attendance/work report.